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We have  only cool tool in the world that seamlessly integrates and more importantly, automates all the technical means to Capture, Respond To, Gather Knowledge Of and Follow Up With every prospect who comes into contact with you.

From the moment you get this Perfect Automated Assistant working for your business, you can Profit From Every Opportunity that comes your way.

 It’s generally agreed that one of the best first steps towards gathering a tribe of raving fans and growing a successful business is building a working list of prospects and customers that is much more than just a bunch of names and email addresses.

It’s most effective if you also collect useful marketing details on your tribe members and organize this data in a way that will help you build powerful campaigns that build rapport and truly connect with those people.
Whether you choose to use traditional forms of lead capture such as email, voice and web forms or are ready to step up to the latest mobile marketing technology that is revolutionizing marketing communications, Instant Customer delivers it all for you in one easy to use integrated, automated platform.

You can use any or all of our capture types and every one of your contacts will always be available to be followed up with using any or all of the outbound message delivery choices the system can do for you.
You can even choose to put your contacts into multiple campaigns and have those be automatically changed based on actions they take.
Evolve Your Business  consolidates all of your lead capture into one place and automates your follow up in a way that will ensure your tribe raves about you.

Let’s take a look at all of our capture methods:

Mobile SMS/Text messaging has rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon that is embraced by people of all walks of life from preteens to senior citizens.

This inexpensive form of communication has become the preferred way of near instant connection with others. A mind blowing survey statistic reveals that 91% of all mobile phone users both keep their phones within one meter of them and keep them turned ON 24 hours a day.

So what you ask?

Think about the enormity of that statistic. What it really means is that text messaging is the most readily accessible method your likely prospects can use to instantly subscribe to your campaigns, ANY time and ANY where.

Give them the right incentive action to subscribe and it will take them a matter of mere seconds to join your tribe. Never again do they have to wait to get to a computer (which in most cases would mean they would forget). Now, they can just pick up their mobile phone and text you.

It’s FAST. It’s EASY. It’s FUN.

As soon as we have  your Perfect Automated Assistant set up, your prospects can freeform text their name, email address, website and whatever else you’d like to prompt them for to your campaign phone number. Their texted information will automatically populate your campaign’s database fields. The mobile phone number they use to text you is also automatically recorded so you don’t have to ask them to give up their phone number, which tends to be resisted.

You automatically already have it in your database. Sweet, isn’t it?

You can immediately respond to their text and/or schedule as many future replies to them as you want. Even though they subscribed via text, you can use the system to automatically follow up by email autoresponder, mobile text message,  and even by automatically creating and mailing physical letters and post cards.

It’s fully integrated, completely automated and totally awesome. Nothing else even comes close to doing everything that we do for you.

Getting prospects into your sales funnel by email is still an important tool and Evolve Your Business gives you the best platform available to handle, manage and automate the process. Each time you start a campaign, you automatically get a unique email address for that campaign. You never have to take the time to request one in advance…it’s always immediately available for you to use on demand.

Inside MonsterFollwUp you get an easy to use, intuitive email editor that lets you use graphics, flash content, embedded links and more. You’ll be able to quickly send professional looking, full featured emails that really convert.

Every prospect capture method provided by us, including email, gives you the ability to respond immediately or schedule a future reply to a prospect’s request. Also, even though the contact came in by email, you can tell the system to automatically follow up by email autoresponder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call.

Already have a website with an opt-in form online? We find that most subscription forms just send information from your site to a flat database that does little more than send occasional emails. For the first time ever, you now have access to an automated, multi-step follow up assistant that will capture your prospect’s information, mine the interwebs for more data on them, then take action to build rapport and trust with them much like a live human being would.

It’s easy to replace your existing web forms withour Subscription Form. As soon as you do, your new prospects will be put into the follow up campaign of your choice. They will then automatically receive your series of rapport building and sales messages from an email autoresponder, by mobile text or a direct-to-voicemail call.
You can use a standard form or customize your web form to get the pieces of information you want to receive from your prospects using our advanced API. Although it may sound complicated, the whole process can be done in a matter of minutes and can be as simple as using copy and paste functions.

If you don’t already have a website set up, relax, it’s not a problem. We can easily have a new prospect capture site up and running quickly that is unique to each of your specific campaigns.

Interested prospects who request information from your offer page will automatically be added to a contact record for that campaign.

The site editor is easy to use and user friendly. It even allows you to add photos and/or videos to your website with the click of a button. In just a few short minutes you can have a media rich website online that will capture interested prospects into your campaigns.

Every new prospect will be contacted automatically with an email autoresponder, mobile text message or a direct-to-voicemail call. You can choose any of those methods or all three. Although the system is fully automated, you’re always in charge and in control.

One of the coolest things you can do  is instantly capture your prospect’s info right from their business card using our slick new our iPhone app.

Simply snap a quick photo of a new prospect’s business card with your iPhone and all the info on the card will automatically be transcribed into data fields and assigned to the campaign of your choice.

This app not only can be used as a business card capture device, it also gives you the power to remotely manage your marketing campaigns anywhere you have phone access. It’s truly amazing and is a great time saver.

Imagine being at a trade show, conference, Meetup group or speaking engagement, networking for your business. How many times have you left an event with dozens or even a hundred or more business cards?

Next, imagine that you go back home or to your hotel room, and in just minutes you take snapshots of your collected business cards and assign them to a specific campaign that is set up to follow up by email, mobile text message,  postcard or letter. Mix and match modes of communication at will to be completely interactive and supportive.

Think your new prospects will be impressed with the speed and focus of your follow up? You bet they will.

Another powerful result of using this app is that once you have scanned in your cards you can get a  report and info gathering services tell you who the ‘big fish’ are among the contacts you have just collected.

If you’re at a multi-day trade show or conference the next day or maybe even later the same day you collected the contacts you can have a list of the most influential people that you might want to personally follow up with because now you have the business intelligence that can really tell you who they are and what needs and interests they might have.

This groundbreaking iPhone app gives you the power of a virtual support team that does all the hard work for you. You don’t have to wait till you return to your office and have a staff member (or even you yourself) manually enter all the data off those business cards. That not only takes more time, it probably costs you a lot more money.

You’ll also find that with the app you have a business intelligence team working for you 24/7 and are only as far away as your finger tips. This is a game changer that will transform your business marketing while out of the office from the first time you put it in play.

We also have Android and Windows Mobile versions in development.

So, your initial efforts have been successful and your interested prospects have taken the first step and contacted you for more information. Now what? In the past either you or a staff member had to make a follow up call or send out a mass email maybe once every couple of days, right? Either way is time consuming and inefficient. Those days are gone.

Instead of just responding – connect with your potential clients!

Evolve Your Business gives you the tools to send out an immediate response to each and every contact you receive, regardless of where those contacts came from. It’s amazingly flexible. No matter how that contact comes in – email, web form, phone, mobile text or business card – you can customize your responses.

Maybe you choose to respond by email, or by text message if they didn’t give you an email address. How about a personal spoken message from you that goes straight to their voice mail? Do you have some situations that would be best served by sending a letter or post card through the mail?

No problem. Evolve Your Business does it all.

In 2009,  wireless carriers reported that the volume of text messages surpassed the number of phone calls for the first time. Mobile phones have redefined our availability and now texting is leading a whole new wave of change in our lives. At this very moment, there are twice as many people using text messaging globally as there are using email!

The scourge of SPAM has caused lots, if not most unfamiliar email to not get opened. The good news is text messages are viewed faster and replied to more readily than any other form of communication, period. Text messages, which currently have an astounding 96% open rate, are typically read within an average of 15 minutes after they’ve been received and are responded to within an hour!

Use the automatic text messaging capabilities built into MonsterFollowup as part of your marketing plan, and you’ll see huge results.

Evolve Your Business takes mobile SMS texting to a whole new level. You can automatically set up what we call “Virtual SMS/Text Conversations,” giving your prospects and customers the feeling of a live conversation with your company. These conversations can be used to give them information or to collect survey data for smarter marketing to them later.

Once a prospect has subscribed to your campaign you can automatically send them an SMS message that initiates a conversation that you already scripted. Your prospect will feel like they’re getting personal engagement and attention. We’re naturally drawn to people we feel are listening to us. Instant Customer gives you the power to automatically do that with each and every one of your prospects and customers.

It’s easy to set up a flexible SMS conversation in our system.

You can have the responses your customers send in their SMS messages put into custom data fields in your campaigns. Because the system is completely flexible, you can create your conversations as a string of multiple messages that can be sent out immediately one after another or timed for specific delivery dates. You can also have a message tree that responds with specific messages based on the responses your prospects send you. This is truly “set-it-and-forget-it” automation.

Email is still an effective form of marketing communication – if done right.  We  have a fully built-out email autoresponder system that includes our Virtual Conversation theme. You can send out emails to your customers that initiate an email conversation. Customers who reply to your email will not only have their email content transcribed to your campaign database, but will also trigger a reply email from you carrying on the conversation. Again this gives your customers the feeling that there is a LIVE person on the other end replying back to them personally and giving you the valuable result of keeping their attention.

All of your  emails can be delivered with a high quality look and feel by using our email editor. You can insert graphics, flash content, links and much more to get your leads to take the next step.

Capturing prospects’ data and making an immediate connection are of course crucial first steps, but the information isn’t worth much if you can’t efficiently organize and act on it. Instant Customer uses exciting programs that transform that data into useful, actionable information. You would have to pay a team of researchers to do what we do automatically!

Data mining technology has made it possible for marketing to become much more personal than ever before. Knowing your customers is key to your business growth and the fact of the matter is that your customers are expecting you to know what they want and are ever more annoyed with random offers for things they don’t want or need. You need to create relevance in your marketing campaigns and reach out to identifiable types of customers and hit on their particular needs. The process of finding and studying data of potential customers for your venture doesn’t have to be complex or expensive, but it is extremely important. In a nutshell, it requires you to find out everything that you can about the customer whom you intend to pursue.

Evolve Your Business’s solutions are a POWERFUL business intelligence gathering tool that generates reports that give you valuable demographic information about your customers in a form you can understand.

You can take an active role by setting up customer surveys that collect additional demographic and even psychographic data. You can review Keyword Density Analysis reports that show what your customers are talking and asking about. Using this data can help you formulate future marketing offers to specific customers types that are tailored to their needs. If you have data that shows your lead has children, then sending out a back-to-school marketing campaign will strike a cord with them. Sending the same campaign out to a lead that does not show for children and your campaign feels like SPAM. Knowing your customer is the number one key to success for any business and Instant Customer is built on this fact.


We also use an amazing new technique that scours the web using the email addresses provided by your leads to gather information from their profiles on all of the major social networking sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace and more. Invaluable demographic information such as gender, age, profession, relationship status, associations and schools will all be gathered for your review. This wealth of data gives you the power to target your marketing efforts for maximum success. It is a monster advantage over any competition.



We also  have integrated the ability for you to provide your leads with access to one of the most powerful personality test ever created. DiSC is the original, oldest, most validated, reliable, personal assessment used by over 50 million other to improve lives, interpersonal relationships, work productivity, teamwork and communication. Based on the work of psychologist William Moulton Marston the DiSC Personal Profile System is personality behavioral testing at its best. The test can help you:


  • Identify your behavioral profile and improve interpersonal relationships
  • Gain insight into the adaptive and natural styles of behavior of yourself and others
  • Increase your appreciation of others, respect and value differences
  • it helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:
    • Domiance
    • Influence
    • Steadiness
    • Conscientiousness

Evolve Your Business has one ultimate goal – turning your prospects into clients. Once you have them in your system, have made a connection and have crunched their data, you must follow up and transform that potential into reality.We make this happen in ways that are far more effective than you could ever be on your own. You save time and money in order to make more time and money.

Whether on a moments notice or as part of a carefully crafted campaign, you can send out an SMS text broadcast to all or part of your campaign subscribers list. These broadcasts can be scheduled for delivery at a specific date and time or for immediate release. You can receive replies to your SMS broadcasts that initiate a virtual texting conversation!

Due to the incredibly high open rates for text messaging, there is absolutely no better way to follow up with your customers and get them to follow through on your offers. A change in schedule notification, an offer deadline reminder, or a last minute promotion to help increase business are all great uses for a SMS broadcast. You’ll love this feature and soon find it indispensable to your marketing.


Connecting with your customers via email (such as a weekly email newsletter) has a history of being very effective in getting your promotions and notifications into their hands. The question is how to make it better! Smartly built and filtered campaign lists means you send targeted and personalized emails to your customers. Marketing products and services that they are looking for will greatly increase your open rates and drive sales.

Evolve Your Business gives you a very easy to use and highly configurable method to send out your email broadcasts. Using our editor you can insert graphics, flash content, links and much more. Email blasts can be as simple or as detailed as you desire and our servers are optimized so that the emails are not automatically rejected by service providers as spam. Remember, Easy, Fast and Effective are the keys to all of our features!
Play your recorded webinars or teleseminars at the times of your choice and coordinate them with email and sms/text previews and reminders, then sit back and enjoy record shattering attendance and sales.

Our custom video player gives you the power to show messages, graphics, sales buttons, page links, or even open a new window exactly when you need it.

After your scheduled events are done, set them up to run “on demand” for evergreen campaigns that never stop making you money.

Our system even tracks viewer behavior, segmenting your list and automatically sending targeted messages based on whether they arrived late, left early, or viewed the entire presentation.



Direct mail is alive and well and remarkably effective in the right hands – yours! We provide these important resources so you really can have everything all in one place. Use Postcards for thank-you’s and reminders, and send professional Letters to move your sales process forward. Don’t settle for any service that doesn’t give you necessary, time tested tools like these!



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