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Author Program

Evolve Your Business’s Author Program is a service designed to help authors reach their goals. We can help you establish you as an authority in your industry by help you ‘write the book’ on your area of expertise.

Writing a 200-300 page book is not easy. You get ideas and plan out what you want to write in each section/chapter, but to actually sit down and start writing thousands of words can be a daunting task. Evolve Your Business can help you in writing your book just the way you want it, without you going through any of the hassle.

Once the book is complete we will help in its promotion through online retailers. It will come in relevant searches and will be targeted towards your target audience for maximum exposure.

Speaker Program

In our Speaker Program we assist you in developing a strategy in marketing the information you would like to share. Podcasting has become a powerful tool in this matter. We can help in creating member-based portals where your information can be purchased by customers.

We will analyse the market and pin-point your perfect customers. We will analyse their online behaviour and identify the best lead capture methods for your campaign. By identifying your perfect customers we will then motivate them to purchase your audio logs and podcasts, a process with which you can truly sell your speaking skills.




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